Finding an outsourcing partner that’s right for your business deserves careful consideration. If you invest yourself in the wrong partner, you could waste valuable time and resources. 11 Dollar is here for you to identify the perfect partner to meet your needs.


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Meet Our Team

The behind the 11 Dollar magic

Bijendra Deo Ojha
CEO & Founder
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Puneet Tiwari
Development Manager
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Divya Tandon
Digital Marketing Expert
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UI & UX Design Manager
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Our Hot Services

11dollar.com providing @11 USD, 100% Satisfaction or Full Money Refund

Onpage Optimization
All measures that can be taken directly within the website in order to improve its position in the search rankings.
Web Hosting
Best for Websites built on common applications like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Static websites. Unlimited Disk Space, Bandwidth and Email Addresses
Logo Design
We are expert in graphic design & we can design logo for any industry with 100% satisfaction guarantee.
Bug & Hacking Issue
If your website is hacked, it means a few things: Someone gained access to your account and hackers can insert their own code on your site.

Our Work

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Our expertise

With our unique integrated approach we have the proven expertise and experience to help your organisation to achieve goal.

Digital Marketing
UI & UX Design
Graphic Design

Plans & Pricing

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11 Dollar
$11 One Time
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  • 404 page removal
  • 301 redirect
  • Keyword suggestion
  • Meta generation
1 Month SEO Plan
$99 One Month
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  • Detailed analysis of website
  • On Page SEO service
  • Off page SEO solutions
  • Social media marketing
$199 Per Month (Min 3 Month)
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  • Detailed analysis of website
  • On Page SEO service
  • Off page SEO solutions
  • Social media marketing


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